Sunday, March 1, 2009

february was a really crappy month. it started out ok, at least ok enough that i don't remember it sucking the way the end did- but it sure took a dive from there.

so march is better, so far, and that's the damn attitude i'm going to have about it. it's better because i have new hardwood floors in my house. this is important because i hate carpet ever since i read that 90 percent of dust is human dead skin flakes. can you imagine all those skin flakes collecting in your carpet? sitting there all night while you sleep, only to be stirred up in the morning, floating around in the air that you're going to breathe in? now that i have no carpet i'm not so concerned about other people's skin flakes in my lungs. i'm seriously sleeping way better at night because of it.

let's see, other news...
  • urban outfitters sucks. what a terrible store.
  • the blacker the beer, the better the beer. guess who fell off the wagon?
  • this past week lily learned to say mama, give hugs and kisses.
  • her kisses are really wet and gross but cute.
  • this week is french cooking week at palazzo garcia. stay tuned for successes/disasters!


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