Wednesday, January 11, 2012

justin beiber thinks she's handsome.

all of us young girls have a lesbian raging inside of us, i will be the first to admit. i was lucky to learn to work with mine early, let her be free to grow and become a part of who i am. for most girls she's forced to stay inside while she just twists and deforms! she ends up looking like those gross feet that they (used to) be so fond of in china.

my lesbian has become something totally asexual. she's always letting me know when there's a beautiful woman that i see, always encouraging me to tell her and make her day. by allowing me to be so open to the sexuality of women, i can use what i take in and make it a part of me. every part of me gets better when i allow every part of me to reach its full potential. my inner lesbian has become a connoseur of the finest women in the world because she never had any boundaries. i have realized and cultivated my female energy!

eventually something will come along that makes twisted and hidden lesbians inside of the mass stir. for the younger generation, it appears to be justin beiber. nobody likes him because of his music, nobody likes him because he's handsome. THEY like him because he's a safe way to let yourself be gay.

submitted now, for your approval, are truly beautiful women from various sources. lust after THEM! give THEM millions of dollars, justin beiber is not worthy of your hard earned jizz and money.