Monday, December 21, 2009

i hate christmas.

i hate all of it, except for the christmas lights. but lately even the christmas lights have got to be awful- these LED neon green and purple things are terrible. i was watching pbs the other night because i couldn't find the remote, which happens a lot now since lily started getting into things, and there was an excellent show about design on. the man, who talked with one of those accents- you can't tell if he's from the uk or australia so he was obviously to be trusted- was saying that aesthetic design in america is dead!


what are you trying to say with this, you jackass? there's a block in my mom's neighborhood where the stupids are apparently all trying to outdo eachother with these things. every other house has a lawn full of them.

this kind of crap is the reason that one day china will probably own all of us. we are sending our gold over there in exchange for inflatable lawn things! and snuggies. what must they think of us over there? they probably know we're not very smart and would probably be easy to overtake.

i didn't like presents, or santa claus or jesus since i was a little kid, but i did like christmas lights. but not for long at the rate we're fucking going.