Thursday, January 28, 2010

today the snow is falling sideways. it's easily been a difficult day- easy waking up under silk sheets to the tiny face of a sleeping lily but difficult to reckon with in general-

the bulk of my concentration is spent on the unspoken conduct of people. if someone holds a cigarette the way i like or has their pants wrinkled in the right place, i like them more than anything they could ever say or do could convince me. i know immediately i could never be friends with someone who makes that stupid puckered lip face in pictures. but i also know that i'll immediately like anyone who has a hook nose. unless your nose is really small but still hooked- then you're just untrustworthy.

most of the people in my life don't understand this. people get offended when i don't like them for reasons i'm not willing to explain to them. i'll either piss someone off or sound very shallow if i tell them the truth that i don't want to be around them because they feel it necessary to discuss their iphone.

in real life, offenders can be physically avoided. but not on the internet. the facebook can go to hell.

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