Saturday, January 24, 2009

we have been pretty busy lately, trying to get back to a normal life. i've been trying to cook again but it's hard because this guy wants to help with absolutely everything. despite her lack of culinary expertise she insists that she knows better than i when it comes to fixin's!

i am exhausted but i go to sleep happy and quickly, which is a sign that all is right in the world. ALAS. here is what we have been up to as of late:
lily went to the aquarium today. she was afraid of the gar fishes but loved the eels and the sting rays. her favorite animals are sharks and bats. i'm surprised she has so much of a personality already: i am terrified for the future.
i touched a trout and i think i got the ick or whatever that gross thing is that fish get. i have rashes all over my arms and i had to take a benadryl. don't touch trouts! they are unpleasantly firm anyway.

lately i've been dressing like the royal tenenbaums because i'm too fat for slut jeans and not fat enough for mom jeans. so the obvious medium is to dress like ben stiller.

lily liked the tamaya. we took her there for the first time and were going to show her where mama and daddy got married but that's a long, long walk. she got to see it from afar. it's a filthy shame you can't see the business end of my hair in these pictures. i now wear out, not up. it's about 6 inches off the back of my head.
my ma entered lily in the pimp my baby regis and kathy lee contest. she's pretty convinced she's going to win. if she does we're going to probaby have to spend the prize money to battle this trout disease. i never should have touched that thing.
we also went to santa fe this week. supposedly there is an excellent restaurant up there called torinos at home but it apparently closes on weekends! a la verga. i didn't get to take any pictures becasue lily was sleeping. ALAS.

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  1. Why have I not been privy to the Lily blog prior to now!!!!??